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YidLife Crisis Live!

Bring Jamie Elman & Eli Batalion, the creators and stars of the award-winning Yiddish comedy web series YidLife Crisis (and closeted professional Jewish educators!) to your event for a night of shtick, schmoozing and inspiration.

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Live Performance | Music | Discussion | Shtik

In the YidLive presentation, the duo of seasoned performers mix skits, discussion and screenings and use the “trojan horse” of comedy to bring Yiddish and yiddishkayt to the fore and engage the topic of Jewish identity for all – from a young 20’s and 30’s crowd through to those 65 and over.

With an inclusive approach that accepts all forms of Jewry and reaches out to the non-Jewish world as well, YidLive! revitalizes the discussion of Jewish identity through a night of comedy and creativity.


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  • 20’s and 30’s
  • Engagement
  • Jewish Identity
  • Arts & Culture
  • New Media
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  • Comedy

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People Seem to Like Us

Give a Listen to What They Have to Say

An earnest exploration of Jewish identity. Whoever said Yiddish was a dying language hasn’t seen the new web series YidLife Crisis.


As I watched my first webisode of YidLife Crisis, it was clear to me that having these guys could be an innovative and potentially great opening for the Film Festival. And it was!!! In my 16 years in Film Festivals I've never heard so many people laughing, or had so many compliments on our excellent choice for an opening event. The boys did their local research and blew the crowd away. Their comedy crosses all barriers and united us all for 90 minutes!

Robert AlbaneseProducer, Vancouver Jewish Film Festival

Yiddish is not just a language; it’s a lens through which we see the world. And in that, these guys are fluent.

Rabbi Reuven PoupkoCo-chair, Canadian Rabbinic Caucus

If ‘Seinfeld’ had taken place in Montreal instead of New York and been in Yiddish instead of English, it would have been “YidLife Crisis” ...It’s at once funny and profound, and it all sounds better in Yiddish than it ever could in English. A love letter to to Yiddish and secular Judaism.

Times of Israel

Hilarious, irreverent… and naughty!

Canadian Jewish News

All the charm and narcissism of a ‘Seinfeld’ episode and all the hilarious existentialism of a Shalom Auslander novel.


The first modern Yiddish sitcom...‘Yidlife Crisis’ has been a long time coming.…Culture and religion with a heaping portion of humor.

CTV News

Obviously influenced by Larry David, and with a touch of My Dinner With André (had André been obsessed with food), YidLife Crisis delivers a lot of laughs in each episode. You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy this web fest favorite.

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